Short Story 1 Close Reading/Worksheet due


When we read something appealing to our logic: an argumentative essay, paper, or article, we recognize clearly what someone would like us to believe. But when we read something in the form of a story, we often miss that we are being influenced in some way. In the most recent presidential election season, it is often not so subtle. When Romney or Obama told stories about real Americans and their struggles, we suspect that they are framing the narrative in ways to capture our vote and support of their policies. Stories, like Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya discovered, can inspire a nation to make changes for a brighter future.

Stories are powerful. They can influence, captivate, inspire and motivate us. The stories within this packet are from authors living on many continents and were chosen for their ability to inspire social change.

          During this unit, we will look at persuasion (Aristotle-style: logos, pathos, ethos) and practice developing arguments with rhetorical styles in mind. We will also use the narrative to inspire others.