LA 8 Choice Journal Entries due (3 entries for 1 book)

Choice Reading Journal

LA 8

Linda Cooper



            In eighth grade, there are a variety of novels, poems, short stories, play and essays assigned to stretch you as a reader, and these may not be something you would choose on your own. I also value the importance of choosing your own books to read, so you will be given credit for these selections when you complete journal entries for your “Choice” book. The requirements, which will be graded when you turn in your journal, are as follows:


  • Three sets of entries from each of your Choice books per year.
    • the first set includes two journal entries (due in December)
    • the second set includes three entries (due in March)
    • the third set includes four entries (due in May)


Each journal entry should include the following:

            -Date, title and author of book, and page numbers read.

            -Five vocabulary words that you do not fully understand.

            - Definitions for the vocabulary words.

            -A quote from your reading.

-1 paragraph (5-7 sentences) about how this quote relates to the story, and why it is important to the story.