Abraham B.

Women's Opportunities

According to UK Feminista, “36% of people believe that a woman should be held wholly or partly responsible for being sexually assaulted or raped if she was drunk and 26% believe this if she was in public wearing sexy or revealing clothes.” (UK Feministica 1)This is extremely sexist and is a huge problem. Blaming women for being abused is destructive. All people should have equal opportunity in society, but some women still do not.           

All people should get paid the same amount per work, but women on average, still do not. Work, career, and currency are extremely important in our society, and everyone should be given the same opportunity. Women can be just as good workers as men, and opportunites should not be less accessible because of lower salary. California’s 17th congressional district representative says: “Equal pay isn't just a women's issue; when women get equal pay, their family incomes rise and the whole family benefits.” - (Honda 2). The average woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is disproportionate and unfair. Overall, this is a huge problem in our society’s labor system and it need to be addressed immediately.

All girls and women should have the same opportunity to be educated but many girls are still denied. Education is arguably the most important part of a young person’s life.

Girls are still frequently denied of education is the developing world. People will choose a boy to be educated over a girl because there is a lot of sexism rooted in many cultures. World Education wants to combat this denial. “World Education believes that  education for girls and women is the single most effective way to improve the lives of individual families as well as bring economic development to poor communities worldwide.” - (World Education 3). If only half the population is properly educated, it cuts economic and human development in half. Education equality for girl is not yet a reality in some places and this is a significant problem.

All people should be given equal opportunity to take leadership roles, but women are often denied this. Taking leadership over groups of people is very important for a company or other organization, and should be proportional to gender. Some of the women's leadership denial is due to pre-existing denial and society generated biases and prejudices.  “If more women are in leadership roles, we’ll stop assuming they shouldn't be.” -(Sheryl Sandberg 4) Long trends of sexism has created prejudices in workplaces and governments. Some people just go by instinct to follow a man’s instructions. Overall, leadership roles should be more proportionate for women.

All men and women should have equal opportunities in society, but women still do not.

Equal pay, education, and leadership roles are all important thing to keep proportionate, but women are lacking in these areas. If women would have equal opportunities, more societies would be more productive.



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