Each trimester, Billings Faculty members lead hands-on after-school clubs and workshops. These clubs and workshops are an excellent opportunity for students to explore, tinker, create, play, and enrich the Billings and Green Lake communities. Check out what we have in store this trimester! For more detail about clubs and to sign up, please download the form below and return it to the Front Desk.




Poetry Club

Writing can be inspirational, exciting and fun. Write to prompts or independently to follow your own creative flow of words. Bring your ideas and creativity. Come join Language Arts teacher Linda Cooper and Billings alumna, Anna Lewis! The last session of each month will be drop-in, open to all Billings students.

Dungeon School

Transmute high adventure into creative writing with Dungeon School's writing program. Using original Dungeons & Dragons narratives, we inspire kids to write stories to improve their character's powers and equipment. In Twilight of the Mushroom Kingdoms, our heroes will help the mushroom folk who run the great mechanism that maintains the cosmos, need help delivering their spore to the heart of the machine in a millennial renewal ritual. Revenge of the Litch Queen pits the students against Mighty Gorvinath as she descends from her volcanic domain with an army of her greatest unliving warriors to take vengeance on the students and staff of the Apotheosis.  

Morning Bouldering 

For those that want to start their day on the right foot (or hand, for that matter), join us for sunrise climbing at Seattle Bouldering Project this fall! SBP is great for climbers of all abilities and no experience is necessary. We will warm up, practice techniques, take on climbing challenges, and enjoy "free climbing" all before the school day begins. Climbing engages both the body and mind, and may be just what some students need to hit the ground running when the school day starts! 


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