Ana M.

An Outcry for Change

The Executioner

He sits

behind his gleaming wooden desk.

A paper rests on the table in front of him.

He lifts his pen

and slowly etches

his name into the white.

He stands,

no glimpse of remorse in his eyes.

And in the distance

you hear the rumble

of logging trucks.


The Woman in Chains

My world is dark.

The blackness is overwhelming,

choking me,

closing in on all sides.

I live with a chain,

attached to a metal shackle around my neck.

Keeping me where I belong.

There is the occasional yank,

and I am pulled to a new place.

Working in place after place,

family after family,

Never knowing when it's going to stop.

My life is tiresome,

and I don't know how much longer I can walk.


The Underage Employee

I can't remember what she looked like,

my mother,

or the way her voice sounded

because all of that is blurred

by yelling,


and crying.

I can't remember how he smelled,

my father,

or the way he laughed.

Those memories are blurred

by the putrid stench of my own clothes

and the drunken laughs of evil men.

I can't remember what it's like to play.

To laugh.

To live.

All I know is how to slap soft handfuls of clay

into rectangular molds.


The Thirsty Denizen

Lips chapped,

skin dry,

throat like a dried up stream.

Walking day after day,

feet breaking.

Just to slide gulps of filthy water,

down my throat.

I look up and all I see

is a small puddle

that used to be a lake.


The Guilty Spectators

She stands in the clinic,


Her mom said she shouldn't do it,

but it's for the better,

she thinks.

She looks around.

The light is dim,

and the walls are covered

in a blanket of dust.

All the women are young,

too young.

It is as if they are at an execution.

Holding their breaths,

until the last moment.


The Trapped Beast

The small child looks down into the pit.

The large spotted feline stalks back and forth,

back and forth.

The child has seen the movies.

The jaguar stalks through the trees,

hunts down his prey.

The child wonders why the creature isn't moving,

why he acts like all his energy was drained out of him.

Like everything he ever loved is dead.

Like his life is over,

and he can't do anything about it.