Annual Fund FAQs

Why does Billings raise money from parents and alumni? 

Billings is an independent school and operates without financial support from the federal or state government. As with most private schools, there is a gap in our annual operating budget between tuition revenue and the actual cost of providing Billings education.

How much is the gap?

The gap is just over $2,600 per student.

Why don’t you reduce costs?

Consider the unique, effective elements of a billings Education:

  • A Stand-Alone Middle School by Design 
  • Individualized Advisory Program
  • A Student-to-Teacher Ratio of 9:1 - the key to differentiated instruction and strong teacher/student bond
  • An Exemplary Expeditionary Learning Phlosophy - integrated into all aspects of curriculum. This includes going on trips with teachers (not outside trip leaders) for over thirty days, much of it in the outdoors.
  • “Big Campus” Arts and Athletics Programs in a Small School
  •  Professional Development - to retain and support our exceptional teachers
  • A Strong Financial Aid Program - to assure that our classes are socio-economically diverse and reflect the larger community

Reducing these costs would reduce the quality of a Billings education.

Why doesn’t Billings just raise tuition and stop fundraising?

In our admissions process, we select students based solely on their potential to thrive at Billings; we do not ask questions about families' financial resources until after acceptance.

Billings is fully committed to diversity of all kinds, including social-economic. Raising tuition by the gap amount would further restrict the number of families who could afford to attend, diminishing that commitment and in turn, the quality of the educational experience for all Billings students.

Finally, a gift to the Annual Campaign is tax deductible. Tuition is not!

How much of the gap does the Annual Campaign cover?

About one third. Proceeds from the Auction, and other fundraising efforts cover the balance.

Who gives to the Annual Campaign?

The broad Billings community: Parents and grandparents of current students, parents and grandparents of alumni, alumni, teachers, staff, Board members, friends, and corporations/organizations (through matching gifts).

How are the Annual Campaign and the spring fundraising dinner different?

Proceeds from the spring fundraising dinner and the Annual Campaign support the annual operation budget. The dinner also has a special initiative to raise funds for financial aid (through raise-the-paddle gifts).

How much should I give?

Please give what you can. No amount is too small. Every dollar helps. If you can afford to pay the amount of your student’s gap ($2,600), we encourage it. Gifts range in size from $5 to $20,000. We appreciate every donation!

Billings Middle School is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization. Gifts to Billings are tax-deductible in the manner and to the extent allowed by law. Federal Tax ID #91-1107067. Billings Middle School admits students of any religion, race, color, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin. Billings Middle School is registered as a charitable organization with the Washington Secretary of State.