Annual Report 2014/2015

The More Things Change,
the More They Stay the Same

The end of the 2014-15 school year brought great change to the Billings community, including the departure of long-time, well-loved Head of School, Ted Kalmus. The beginning of the 2015-16 school year brings a number of changes as well, leading the list with my arrival in July. Changes at Billings can be seen in nearly every facet of school life, from changes in faculty and staff, changes in student schedule and curricular offerings, changes in the structure of our Advancement and Admission departments, and always, changes in our student and family make up. Suddenly, it seems, we’ve changed an awful lot this year.

What’s important to note, however, is that the fabric of Billings has not changed. There is still intentionality in creating a learning environment that will stretch and support all of our students as they engage in a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. There is still a focus on the social and emotional changes that take place across the arc of middle school and on mentoring students to find their own, authentic voices. There is still an expectation that students learn best about themselves and their place in the world by being out in their world, and that expeditionary education teaches as much about relationships and personal strength as it does the environment around us.

As the year unfolds you will see new and engaging work happening in a number of areas, across the faculty and staff, across the Board of Trustees, and in collaboration with our surrounding community. Together we will tackle big questions in the areas of faculty and student diversity, long-term financial sustainability, enrollment management, and our growing facilities needs. Together we will prepare Billings to continue to serve our families well into the future.

There is exciting work yet to come, within the culture that has always been Billings. Our Billings core values have not changed, and they will continue to guide our work.

At our convocation ceremony each fall, our students and faculty commit to these core values, to this shared work, and to each other. In the words of my students, I ask you to commit your continued support to the Billings work. “I’m in! Are you?”



Tuition & Fees: $2,484,000

Annual Fundraising: $322,200

Targeted Giving: $160,800

Other Revenue: $18,000

Total: $2,985,000


Endowment isn't included: $549,000




Program: $1,566,000

Administration: $631,000

Financial Aid: $427,000

Transfer to Reserves: $221,000

Fundraising: $140,000

Total: $2,985,000


The excess of revenues over expense was from the financial aid initiative and funded capital projects.