Annual report 2015/2016

Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

It’s hard for me to believe that my first year as Head of School at Billings has already come to a close.  And what fun it has been for me to get to know this Billings community as my own!  The families, the students, the teachers and staff, and the alumni of Billings comprise a truly remarkable family.


I am struck every day by the ways that Billings builds community.  From the close-knit cohorts that are built in small advisory groups, to the student-teacher relationships that are cultivated while backpacking on the Olympic coast, relationships are always at the center of the Billings experience.  

And these relationships are truly ones of partnership.  Teachers and parents work in partnership to ensure that student social, emotional, and academic needs are at the center of the Billings experience.  Students partner with each other in each class to learn together and from each other.  Teachers and staff partner to create a multifaceted and cross-curricular Billings program.  And the Billings alumni, trustees, and administration partner to ensure the long-term sustainability of the school.

And it is through relationship and partnership that Billings continues to grow and flourish.  Without the continuous support and commitment of those in our community, from parents, alumni, alumni families, and friends, Billings would not be the thriving learning community I have come to know this year.  It is the “all hands on deck” attitude that I see in our teachers, our parent volunteers, and our donors, that truly demonstrates to me the spirit of the Billings family.

This has been an exciting year, and as we enter the year of Billings’s 20th anniversary, we have much to celebrate.  The community here is unlike any other, and I look forward to sharing stories of student success, teacher partnership, and relationship building for many years to come.

Thank you for your continued investment in the Billings community.  Without you and your partnership, we are missing something great.


Anne-Evan K. Williams, PhD

Head of School

by the numbers:


Revenue 2015/2016


Tuition and Fees: $ 2,492,000 

Annual fundraising: $240,000 

Targeted Giving: $59,000 

Transfer from Reserves: $94,000 

Other Revenue: $21,000 

Total: $ 2,906,000 


Endowment isn’t included: $37,000




Expense 2015/2016



Program: $ 1,627,000 

Administration: $ 587,000 

Financial Aid: $ 559,000 

Fundraising: $ 133,000 

Total: $ 2,906,000 

The excess of revenues over expense was from the financial aid initiative and funded capital projects.