Arts & Expression

The range of arts electives offered at this small school is truly remarkable.
- 8th Grade Parent

Across our curriculum, teachers at Billings seek to help students develop a strong personal voice, an expressive mindset and an aesthetic framework to interpret the world. Everyone at Billings takes arts classes every term. Our program boasts a broad range of elective courses in Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Graphic Arts and Movement.

6th Grade Foundations: VIsual Arts, Music & Drama

6th grade students dedicate four hours a week to Foundations Art, developing the vocabulary and tools to expressive themselves visually, musically and on stage. 

7th & 8th Electives

Building on Foundation Arts skills, 7th and 8th graders chose 7-week elective courses that explore a breadth of media and offer opportunities to pursue depth in an area of interest. Recent Arts electives have included:

2-D Design  |  Printmaking  |  Sculpture  |  Ceramics  |  Vocal Ensemble  |  Scene Study: Shakespeare  |  Digital Arts  |  Photography  |  Animation |  Musical