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We believe that being active and participating on a team helps kids learn, and builds all kinds of great habits and skills... and besides, it's really fun! Our goal is to keep things positive and fun for our students. We also hope to help them develop athletic skills in their sport, so they can continue to progress through middle school and beyond. We will always emphasize good sportsmanship.

From the desk of the athletics director

Winter Sports Registration Form
Cycling Waiver
Rock Climbing Waiver - online or PDF

Volunteer Opportunities: Team Parents

Team parents are a huge benefit to the success and morale of our teams. They organize a healthy snack for before or after weekday games. They compile all the team photos in one place for the community to share via our school photo page.  At the end of the season, they help organize and end of season celebration. Please email Anthony if you are interested in getting involved.


After school programs at Billings offer additional opportunities to explore creativity, physical fitness, and inspiration. Visit the Club & Activities Home page to learn more.


Play Volleyball! Space Needle Volleyball Foundation (Shoreline)


Contact  Anthony Brown,  Athletics Director, 206-971-3172.


Practices begin with one hour of instruction during the last hour of the school day, followed by one hour of scrimmaging and play. Students should have a snack, be changed and ready for practice at 2:30. Pickup after practice is at 4:30 in front of the Main Building.


All game schedule information can be found at our Community Calendar.

Our games are scheduled at different times by the various organizations with which we are affiliated. Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Track, and Tennis are all scheduled by the Cascade Middle School League, of which we are a member.  Flag Football is scheduled by the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, and Ultimate Frisbee is scheduled by DiscNW.  Swimming is scheduled independently.  


Each student will receive a jersey before their first game (except for swimming!). Generally, black shorts work well for most games, though basketball provides a full uniform.  Crazy shorts for Ultimate Frisbee are highly celebrated. Jerseys must be returned in a timely fashion at the end of the season.

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