Bailey W.


Why?: Protest Poetry Chapbook

Uncle Sam and I

A tall old man themed red,white and blue

with an accusing finger saying I WANT YOU.

I want you to be completely taken care of,

no more need to worry.


Bodies lay motionless in a pit.

To heavy to carry and too far from home.

Helmets that can no longer protect their heads

lay motionless on the sinned ground.


School is now paid for,

vacations are free

and your family will never struggle again.

All of this for only one price.


There is no time for school.

My life is on the line.

My family screams in fear

when receiving the dreadful letter



Only one small price, but we can get to that later.

I represent this country that you love,

the country that has taken care of you

and your family for so long.


I love my country

and everything it has done

is for the best.

I love my country.


I have fed you and clothed you and bathed you

since you were small and now it is your turn to repay me.

Pay back your debt to the flag with what you are scared to give.

Fight for what I believe in: peace, justice and equality

and destroy what will get in the way.


My childhood was ideal

never a worry in the world.

My country needs me now and I will be there,

whatever it takes.


Form a brotherhood and make bonds.

Return home a hero,

an honored hero with respect

and a new view of the world.


I have made so many friends

and watched them die.

I know I will never see day again,

but I payed my debt.


Lone Childhood

My world is fruitful.

My wants at my fingertips.

I want it all back.



I have seen the world,

felt too much pain for too long.

I am not the same.


The Draft

Did I have a choice?

No. I never had a choice.

What am I doing?


War Zone

Where am I?




Find...Gun. Now.




Get up! Get up!

Get the f*** up!!!




What is that?

Who is that?




No. Please I need help

I need help




Where is my f***ing gun!?

Go away!




I am with the US arm...BOOM