April Construction Update

Dear Families,

Williams, Anne-Evan.jpg

As we head into the last eight weeks of school, I wanted to touch base with an update about our building project.

It comes as no surprise that we are slightly delayed, due to the permitting process, but still on track to open the new building by the end of the 2018-19 school year.  I met this week with Dale Pinney, our project manager, and he expects that we’ll receive both our Master Use Permit and our building permit shortly after the end of the school year.  So we will plan to move out of the building after the conclusion of this school year, finishing the year in all of our “regular” spaces.

Our transition to new space will happen during the early months of the summer -- keep your eyes peeled for information about an upcoming family work day in June!  We’ll need your help preparing the main building for demolition and moving boxes to our new spaces.

Speaking of new spaces, I’m delighted to let you know that we have secured the additional space we need for next year from our current landlords.  In addition to the extended lease on the East Village and Outpost, we will also be renting most of the Vitamilk building, the white block building immediately adjacent to the East Village parking lot.  In this space we will pick up three more classrooms, as well as additional office space and teacher planning space. Our current landlords, Green Lake North LLC, have proven to be supportive partners in helping us to navigate this building project -- we’re lucky to have them on our team!

Thank you all for your continued support of Billings and of this project!  I look forward to sharing exciting construction photos with you as early as this summer!


Our Transition Plan is in Place!

Good afternoon Billings Community, 

I am writing this morning with good news about our upcoming building project!  I hope you will be as excited about this news as I am.

 Anne-Evan Williams, PhD  Head of School

Anne-Evan Williams, PhD

Head of School

In an unexpected turn of events, I met yesterday with our landlords of the East Village (our remote campus across from the main building), whose redevelopment project of that land was scheduled to begin this July.  Due to a permitting glitch, those plans have been pushed out, and they have offered (and I have gladly accepted) an extension of the East Village and Outpost lease through June 2019!!

This means that during the entirety of our building project, we expect to REMAIN ON OUR OWN CAMPUS in Green Lake!!  In addition to the East Village and Outpost, we expect to also lease 2-3 other rooms in the immediate neighborhood, to give ourselves a little more breathing room.  

What does this mean for Billings families in the 2018-19 school year?

  • Your transportation remains the same!
  • The majority of our classroom spaces look familiar!
  • Lunch every day still at Green Lake Park!
  • PE and sports continue with our neighborhood partners!
  • And most importantly, we are able to watch our new building change every day!!  I spoke yesterday to faculty about the increased opportunities to partner with our contractors to truly make this build a learning moment for our students!

We are so excited to be able to answer this lingering question with, what I believe, is the best possible solution!  This projects represents such an exciting moment for Billings, and I am so grateful for this community's continued support of our school!

All the best,


Reaching New Heights!

Dear Billings Families,

As the fall has progressed, so has the work on our building renovation. I wanted to share with you just a few of the updates before we all break for the winter holidays.

 Anne-Evan Williams, PhD  Head of School

Anne-Evan Williams, PhD

Head of School

First, I’m excited to report that Pennon Construction will be our General Contractors for the renovation of the Main Building! Pennon has already begun work not only on the construction project itself, but also on elements of the build process that will involve students and community. As part of their proposed School Community Outreach Program, Pennon is recommending family events, community outreach, and even design elements to involve current students and their

But what I am most excited to share with you is that last week our development team successfully submitted our building permit on December 4. While there will certainly be comments and responses as we work with the city through the permit process, this submission was a significant milestone in the forward progress of this process. We are still anticipating a construction start date in the late spring.

Finally, by now we have concluded the house parties about the renovation project. I’m so grateful for all the families that attended with their questions (and great suggestions!). If you were unable to attend, don’t worry -- there are still plenty of opportunities to learn more about the build.

Beginning in January, you will be able to find copies of the floor plans on display in the lobby of the main building, with a scale model to follow shortly.

We will be updating our website with additional elevations and the floor plans in the new year as well! Finally, keep your eyes open for one more family invitation. We will be hosting an event at school in January for any families unable to attend their house party to learn more about the renovation project! This is an exciting time for Billings! Thank you for your continued support during this project.

All the best,


October Building Update


An important message from Head of School Anne-Evan Williams...

Dear Billings families,

As most of you will recall, last spring we announced a major renovation of the Billings Main Building, slated to begin work late this school year.  I wanted to give you a quick update, and introduce you to some key players.

Planning for the renovation is well under way.  And you’ll see two new faces in the building this fall, as we continue to prepare for construction to begin.


Dale P 2.jpg

Meet...Dale Pinney!  Dale Pinney, from First Western Development Advisors LLC (FWDA), is our Project Manager.  FWDA provides real estate development services to  developers, individual owners, corporations, non-profits and tenants.  Dale has 27 years of development management experience on commercial, office, medical office and multifamily projects primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but also up and down the West coast. He grew up in Seattle, and attended college at the University of Washington. Dale and his wife, Karin, have two adult children and live in Redmond WA.


Greg Headshot.jpg

Meet...Greg MacDonald!  Greg MacDonald, from DDG Architects, will serve as our architect on this project.  Greg is a Seattle native, born and raised in the north end. He attended Blanchet High School and the University of Washington, holding undergraduate and master of architecture degrees. He has been licensed to practice architecture in the State of Washington since 1990.  Outside of architecture. he has wide range of interests in music, local sports and the outdoors.  Greg is a leader and has played competitively, with the Keith Highlanders Pipe Band for over 30 years. Greg has taught and coached in a number of areas including piping, drumming, baseball, football, wrestling and graphics/computer modeling.


So when you see Dale and Greg on campus, make sure you say hi! 

You’ll also see a new “decoration” on campus by the end of the week: our notification of land use signs!  This just means we are moving ahead, and are still on track for a late spring launch date!

And finally, if you are a current parent, by now you should have received an invitation to one of our fall house parties.  These are opportunities to learn more about the renovation project (and see some amazing architectural renderings of our new home) and to ask questions about the project!  If you have not yet RSVP’ed for a house party, I hope you will.  I look forward to sharing more about the project with you!

All the best,

Head of School Anne-Evan Williams, Phd