Reaching New Heights!

Dear Billings Families,

As the fall has progressed, so has the work on our building renovation. I wanted to share with you just a few of the updates before we all break for the winter holidays.

Anne-Evan Williams, PhD  Head of School

Anne-Evan Williams, PhD

Head of School

First, I’m excited to report that Pennon Construction will be our General Contractors for the renovation of the Main Building! Pennon has already begun work not only on the construction project itself, but also on elements of the build process that will involve students and community. As part of their proposed School Community Outreach Program, Pennon is recommending family events, community outreach, and even design elements to involve current students and their

But what I am most excited to share with you is that last week our development team successfully submitted our building permit on December 4. While there will certainly be comments and responses as we work with the city through the permit process, this submission was a significant milestone in the forward progress of this process. We are still anticipating a construction start date in the late spring.

Finally, by now we have concluded the house parties about the renovation project. I’m so grateful for all the families that attended with their questions (and great suggestions!). If you were unable to attend, don’t worry -- there are still plenty of opportunities to learn more about the build.

Beginning in January, you will be able to find copies of the floor plans on display in the lobby of the main building, with a scale model to follow shortly.

We will be updating our website with additional elevations and the floor plans in the new year as well! Finally, keep your eyes open for one more family invitation. We will be hosting an event at school in January for any families unable to attend their house party to learn more about the renovation project! This is an exciting time for Billings! Thank you for your continued support during this project.

All the best,