Our Transition Plan is in Place!

Good afternoon Billings Community, 

I am writing this morning with good news about our upcoming building project!  I hope you will be as excited about this news as I am.

Anne-Evan Williams, PhD  Head of School

Anne-Evan Williams, PhD

Head of School

In an unexpected turn of events, I met yesterday with our landlords of the East Village (our remote campus across from the main building), whose redevelopment project of that land was scheduled to begin this July.  Due to a permitting glitch, those plans have been pushed out, and they have offered (and I have gladly accepted) an extension of the East Village and Outpost lease through June 2019!!

This means that during the entirety of our building project, we expect to REMAIN ON OUR OWN CAMPUS in Green Lake!!  In addition to the East Village and Outpost, we expect to also lease 2-3 other rooms in the immediate neighborhood, to give ourselves a little more breathing room.  

What does this mean for Billings families in the 2018-19 school year?

  • Your transportation remains the same!
  • The majority of our classroom spaces look familiar!
  • Lunch every day still at Green Lake Park!
  • PE and sports continue with our neighborhood partners!
  • And most importantly, we are able to watch our new building change every day!!  I spoke yesterday to faculty about the increased opportunities to partner with our contractors to truly make this build a learning moment for our students!

We are so excited to be able to answer this lingering question with, what I believe, is the best possible solution!  This projects represents such an exciting moment for Billings, and I am so grateful for this community's continued support of our school!

All the best,


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