Carl P.


I wrote a bunch of poems about things I care about. Now you can read them.

Animal Cruelty


Mans best friend.

A dog will stay with you no matter what,

And how do we repay this kindness?

With mistreatment.

By beating them

Not feeding them

Locking them in cars to overheat.

Yet they still follow us

And do whatever we say,

Serve us loyally,

Fetch our paper,

And this is how we repay them

With mistreatment and cruelty.

This tells you a lot about man.


Police Mistreatment

The police are human beings.

They are citizens in the United States,

Entrusted with guarding others,

A responsibility

That does not put them above the law.

They are still mortal.

Police cannot do whatever they like, whenever they like.

They have to follow the law as much as we do.

Police have certain privileges,

Those who uphold the law have to follow it as well.

Otherwise they become hypocritical,

Policing something they don’t uphold.


Global Warming

The Earth is getting hotter.

There are a variety of reasons for this

Most because of human shortsightedness.

But Global Warming isn’t really real

Because it was cold today, where I live.

The polar icecaps lose 258 billion metric tons of ice per year

But that doesn’t matter

Because it was cold today, where I live.

Heat waves across multiple countries leave people sweating and thirsty.

But it was cold today, where I live.

California is suffering through one of its most devastating droughts

But it was cold today, where I lived.

So is Global Warming a hoax?

Some say yes

Because it was cold


Where I live.


Oil Drilling

Imagine that one day, you're sitting in your house reading the paper

When suddenly, a bulldozer appears outside your house.

You glance casually at it, and then go back to your reading.

Suddenly, your house shudders, and you jump out of your chair.

The bulldozer has started to crumple your garage, for no apparent reason.

You run outside in your pajamas, shouting at the driver,

“What do you think you’re doing!”

The driver doesn’t even look at you, intent on his work.

“Stop this right now!”

No response

The driver's eyes are fixated on his work.

You don’t exist, for all he cares.

Finally, after much of your pleading, the bulldozer stops

After demolishing half your house.

The driver steps out, as another man dressed in construction gear runs up to him.

Its hard to make out what they’re saying, but it seems to have something to do with oil.

You turn around and walk back into your broken, dusty house.