Corruption in Sports

Corruption in sports is important because it affects all sports fans and teams and players. All of these people should care about corruption because it could mean their team is cheating and that it could end badly for them. Corruption in sports hurts the players, the teams, and the fans.

Corruption in sports hurts the players. One good example of this is Tom Brady and when he knew that the Patriots have deflated the balls for the AFC championship game vs the Colts. The reason they deflated the balls was so Brady could have a better grip on them, and be able to throw them farther and better. Brady lied to the media about his knowledge of the balls being deflated. The result of this was the NFL launching a huge investigation. They eventually proved that Brady did know about the balls being deflated. The result of the investigation was that the, “ NFL suspends Tom Brady four games for deflate gate” ( n.p). The reason this affects the Patriots, is because Brady is their leader, and he is the main reason his team “made” it to the Super Bowl. He is the one that takes them all the way, but now he's gone for four games. So all the other players will miss their leader and be off their game. Jimmy Garoppolo will take over for Brady in these four games. The young quarterback has big shoes to fill in these four games. Plus he needs to make a good impression because he will be the next quarterback for the Patriots after Brady leaves. If we want to help make players careers easier and less complicated corruption is one thing that has to go.

Corruption in sports also hurts the teams. One good example of this is the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, where they paid players on their team if they intentionally injured players and knocked them out of the game. Injured players include Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, Cam Newton and Matt Hasselbeck. All of these players were intentionally injured by Saints players who got paid by coaches and owners to hurt them. Jonathan Vilma, one of the main players in the bounties, offered 10 grand to any teammate for knocking Brett Favre out of the NFC championship game. This scandal led to mass suspensions and even Federal Court hearings. The outcome was that “ NFL hammers Saints for bounties”( n.p). The suspensions included Jonathan Vilma and Coach Sean Payton who were suspended for the whole year. Other players were suspended from anywhere from eight to four games. If we want players and teams to not get hurt or ruin their season corruption needs to stop.  

Corruption in sports hurts the fans. A good example of this is FIFA (soccer). The corruption in soccer is widespread and there are a lot of examples. Fans are getting tired of corruption and soccer is becoming less popular in some places. This led to FIFA releasing this statement. “The evidence of corruption not only compromises the play on the field, but also the rate of fan support.” ( n.p). Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and corruption will ruin it. The reason they shouldn’t is because then the fans will feel hurt because of the fact that their team is cheating and won't want to support them as much. Fans also will hate the fact that their favorite players, people they look up to, are cheating and not setting a good example like they should. Fans should not have to worry about losing their favorite teams because of corruption.

Corruption hurts many people in sports; it hurts the players, the teams, and the fans, and we all need to work together to make it end. The reason we need to make it end is because we all want every game to be played fairly and have both teams play their best. If corruption keeps happening, then no one will ever play fair.