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If you have an iphone6 you may experience problems trying to reach us by phone.

It has come to the school’s attention that certain cellular users have been unable to call into our school phone system.  After working with several of our vendors, it was determined that calls were never leaving the cellular carrier’s network.

Currently the issue is related to iPhone 6’s on the AT&T cellular network, but may also affect users from other carriers or types of phones.  This issue does not affect our ability to make outgoing calls to these phones, only the ability of these phones to call in to our system.

Symptoms of the problem are messages on the phone like “User is busy” and you do not hear the typical ring when a call is being connected.  

The following work-around has solved the problem for some callers:

Go to


then "cellular", 

then "cellular data" 

then disable it or change it to "data only"

After doing this, the screen shows Cellular Data "on" but Enable LTE "off".

 If you are not comfortable making changes on your phone, please contact your carrier for assistance. 

If you have any questions, email us or fill out the contact form below.


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