• Watch this video 'Your Brain on Drugs' 
  • Then 8:00 of the video 'The Chemistry of Addiction.'

You will be doing a project showing the effects of addictive drugs on the brain. You will choose one drug to research. The final product should be informative, but feel free to use creativity. This is an individual or pairs project. 

Examples of final products:

  • Poster (hand or computer-generated)
  • brochure, video, slideshow presentation
  • dance.
  • Talk to Bert if you have other ideas. 

Possible drugs: alcohol, anabolic steroids, bath salts, caffeine, ecstasy, marijuana, tobacco, spice, heroin, cocaine, meth, specific prescription drugs such as vicodin or morphine. Talk to Bert if you have another idea.

Your final product must include:

  • How the drug affects the brain (Does it imitate a neurotransmitter? Does it cause one to be released?)
  • The short-term effects of using the drug
  • The long-term effects of using the drug
  • Specific problems when a teenager uses the drug
  • What dangers there are in purchasing the drug (Legal/illegal? For street drugs, is it sometimes cut with other drugs or substances?)
  • Where addicted people or people who care about them can go for support in fighting the addiction (ie help hotlines, websites)

Some useful resources: