First, watch the video 'What's Wrong with our Food System', mostly because that kid is awesome.  

Next, watch the TedX video.

Now, consider the following questions as you read through the articles below, then respond to the questions and be ready to turn in a physical copy to Megan, who's subbing for Bert on Tuesday, May 21st.

  • Why is bad food cheap? 
  • Whose interests are represented in Farm Bill legislation? 
  • Whose interests aren't represented? 

Note - think beyond total $$ spent - what about per capita (per person) spending?

Read page 5 of Farm Bill for America. 

Read pages 7-10 of Farm Bill 101. 

And read the Political Power of Farm & Crop, but keep in mind that this is an opinion paper. 

And look at these snazzy infographics: