Pollution Poems

Global Warming

The snow caps are melting.

Where will the Polar Bears go?

We have to help them.


The penguins are standing around.

They are all stuck on one small piece of ice.

They don’t have anywhere to go.

They just have to stand there and wait

for the next big berg of ice to float by.

What is going to happen to them?


Water Pollution

Everywhere the water is black.

There is a bird that can’t move,

caught in the oil.

People are trying to save the animals,

but there is not much that they can do.


An otter is in a sea of black.

He is trapped,

the water too sticky to move in.

He has nowhere to go,

no more food to find.

What can he do?


Lots of men are working on an oil rig.

Rain is pouring down,

and a massive wave surrounds the rig.

If one of the men were to fall off they’d be gone forever.

All of the sudden the oil rig shakes,

all the men fall to the ground;

one not so lucky falls off.

The water turns a nasty shade of black from the oil.

Everybody still on board starts to worry about the water,

and what will happen to all the animals.

Yet they are still more worried about themselves,

and how they are doing.

Thinking only about all the oil.



The poachers

are lying down,

hidden in the tall grass,

their guns pointed at an elephant standing in the shade.

All that they want is the ivory.

One of the poachers aims and pulls the trigger,

and a bullet furiously flies at the elephant.

All that is heard is a loud thump.


Rhinos are grazing in the tall grass.

The poacher gets ready

to shoot. Why does he want to do this?

Does he not care for the animal?

Does he know what it is like for them?

Probably not.

He is just thinking about the money he will get.

He has no idea.


Clear Cutting the Rainforest

I stand in the rain forest,

and everywhere I look I see trees.

I can hear the birds.

The animals seem to be just playing around.

I hear a ripping noise,

and a tree falls

right in front of my eyes.

I can see the person who cut it down.

He is laughing.

I want to yell at him,

show him what he just did to a bird's home,

the cracked eggs soon to be chicks.

But I can’t do anything to stop them.

I can’t move.

They are too powerful.

To them it is all about the money.