We are experienced in understanding the transition from middle school to high school.  Assisting you in considering the best options available to your family is important to us. This page has numerous resources for learning about and applying to Seattle's public, private and parochial high schools. 

8th grade students themselves play an important role in deciding what they are looking for in high school.  The 8th grade advisory team works with students to discuss possibilities, dispel myths, and provide support throughout the application process.  Assisting students while they manage this process and clarifying protocols is an important role of the Advisory Team. 

Billings teachers are well regarded for the quality and thoroughness of their student recommendations. This level of quality comes not only from our general knowledge of a student's best attributes and biggest challenges, but deliberate time spent together with individual students to help them gain clarity about the application goals, and to help them present themselves to schools in a positive and authentic manner. To achieve this level of support, we ask students to follow a specific protocol and timeline when asking teachers for recommendations. 

Our mantra for this process is "the best preparation for high school is a great 8th grade year."  Take every opportunity to enjoy and absorb this last year of middle school. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your high school options as you begin the process. 


Head of School Anne-Evan Williams is our high school counselor. She is available throughout the fall for individual family meetings to discuss the Seattle high school landscape and help identify strong school matches for your student. To schedule an appointment, please contact Jennifer Grisham in the main office. 8th grade Advisors and Learning Center Director Greg Smith are also great resources for high school information and advice. 



For Seattle Public Schools, general registration forms will be available starting in January 2016 on their website, www.seattleschools.org under “Enrollment."


How To Ask for a Teacher Recommendation & Plan for a High School Visit

Information about the University of Washington in the High School Program


Many Seattle area independent & parochial schools require standardized testing (ISEE, SSAT, etc.) as a part of the admissions process. Please make sure you are up to date on which test is required by EACH of the schools to which you are applying.

SSAT Testing

ISEE Testing

Test PREP class at Billings in The Learning Center