One of the primary goals in Math 6 is to develop mathematical literacy.  While learning and becoming consistent and effective users of basic skills, students learn to value math, be mathematical problem-solvers, be able to communication and reason mathematically, and develop confidence in their mathematical abilities.  Through the use of real life applications, activities, manipulatives, discussion, as well as traditional lessons and testing methods, students develop their understanding of skills and objectives.

Parents - How to Help Your Child

It is important that students understand the procedures in the “Student Responsibility” sheet signed at the beginning of the year. Students should have a copy in their notebook and they can access it through the resource section of this page.  It is helpful to know if a child needs extra help and/or received extensive assistance on the daily homework – simply write a message on the paper. 


Please see the full course outline CLICK HERE

Student Responsibility Sheet

RESOURCES is the website where you will find the online text book, homework help, practice tests and quizzes, and additional learning activities.   Online textbook login information: 

  •     Username: Billings57  (use a different  number if 57 doesn't work. Billings has numbers 1 - 100 assigned)
  •     Password: Greenlake

The web sites below provide additional lessons on a wide range of math topics.

Stock market game:
To research stock:, or