Merrick R

Protest Poems

I feel so weak

The first time he grabbed me

I felt so weak.

I felt useless,


I tried to scream

but nothing happened.

Everything was blurred

and all I could hear

was my heart beating

and his breath.

Like an anaconda,

his hands constricted my arms

I could barely breathe

and like a small deer, I cowered.

It was our little secret

and no one could know.


Pro choice

I’ve been discriminated against

and hated,

just for a choice

that had nothing to do

with anyone else.

It’s my story,

my life,

not theirs,

not his.

He decided to grab me,

rape me,

and leave me with a forever reminder of that day.

It was unplanned,


bringing me pain.

I always think of the child I could’ve had,

and would’ve had if it wasn’t for the clinic.

To my future children,

I love you,

and I will always love you.

No matter what happens,

what choices you make,

it’s your decision

as it was my decision to abort

because I am

pro choice.



Stuck in such a small place


by screams,


and others of my kind.

I’m scared

but no one cares.

They just hit my ribs

and even my head

with can hammers.

I have to be careful,

or they’ll kill me,

shoot me in the head with a bar

make me seizure.

How can I be careful

when I'm slowly going insane

bitting on the bars of a too small cage?

No room to turn around

or lie down comfortably.

Please just stop the cruelty,

stop the torture.