Physical Education

At Billings, Physical Education is designed to help students confidently integrate health, fitness and adventure into their lives. That is why we offer such a breadth of programs dedicated to outdoor and physical learning. 

It is why we offer climbing and slacklining alongside traditional sports like basketball and softball, as well as holistic programs in yoga, aikido and capoiera. In the winter, Billings teaches snow shoeing. Alongside our qualified staff, Billings also works with professional organizations to provide safe, age-appropriate opportunities. Recent classes include: 

Rock Climbing  |  Parkour  |  Personal Fitness Training  |  Soccer  |  Biking  |  Yoga  |   Ice Skating  |  Nordic Skiing  |  Kayaking  |  Swimming  |  Ultimate Frisbee  |  Volleyball  |  Aikido  |  Basketball  |  Dodge ball  |  Flag Football | Ultimate Frisbee | Inline Skating