rOSE k.


Up to The Heavens

Flo was a 10 year old girl and she got up every morning, put on the same dress, made lunch and left for the bus stop. Her mother always glared at her everytime she walked out the door, but every day when she arrived to the bus stop she always saw a girl and her mother hugging, the mother sending her off with a smile. That was always what she wanted in the morning but that never happened. She never got her homework done because she always got beaten then she had to clean the wounds, and then she had to go to bed. Her teacher wondered what was going on at home, but she never asked her. Flo often wishes she was never born.

One day at school, a boy named Jay came up to her and asked her, “Why do you always wear the same dress to school?” She didn’t own any other clothes. Her mother never bought any clothes for her.

From then on they ate lunch together. What they didn’t realize was they are also next door neighbors and they have windows right across from each other.

That night, they started talking to each other from the windows. Flo’s mom heard them talking. She was very drunk. She stormed into Flo’s room and started beating her. Jay saw the whole thing. He started to cry as he looked up to heaven as if he was sending her there. He knew she was gone. He cried all night. In the morning the neighbors found out what happened the night before, and they called 911 immediately, but by the time the ambulance got there it was far too late. She was gone.


A Little Done

My name is Connor. My dad and my mom and I were all so happy, then my mom got cancer. She left us. My dad became someone I didn’t know. He became someone I didn’t want to know. He started to hate me.

He beats me now, even though I have straight A’s. I’m the varsity soccer captain, and I have got a full scholarship to Northwestern University. I help my community a lot, and I work my butt off. I don’t ask for anything, I take care of myself, and I take the beatings he gives me. I am never good enough for him.

I have one more year of this hell of a life before I go to college. I am 17 and I am a senior. I have a job and I get paid well, but my dad takes the money and uses it to get drunk just so he can beat me even more. He hates me. He will never love me. I don’t know what I would do. He doesn’t care. I could go wherever I wanted and he wouldn’t care. He is terrible, and he would rather have me be into drugs and smoking and he would rather have a “bad” child than me. He would rather have a child who has gone to jail 15 times than me; he would rather have anyone, but me.

I went to the bus stop and I saw a girl sitting there crying. I know her. I asked her why she was crying, and she told me she had some things going on in her life. I asked if she wanted to go to the park and talk about it, and she agreed. She told me this was exactly what she needed, and that I was such a sweet guy to take her to do this. We talked about our lives and I just hugged her and let her cry on to my shoulder.

I went home got beat and I was done with this life, for real this time. I hung my mother’s scarf to my fan and I stepped off the chair. I could feel the blood draining out of my face, it felt good. I will finally be able to rest in peace.


A Hell of a Life

My parents sort of take care of me and my brother. They feed us and stuff, but if my brother accidently pees his pants or something, they spray him with our water hose. Full blast. He is five.

I can hear his screams from the back yard and I hate it. We are both adopted from Ethiopia. He is not my brother through blood, but he is my brother mentally and legally. I love him and I hate hearing his scream. I can never take it.

One time it was so bad it sounded like he was getting stabbed with a knife. I really couldn’t take it so I ran down stairs and stood in front of him. My mom stopped, and I got scared. I told my little brother to run inside and dry off and get in a safe place. My mom sprayed me with the water hose, like she did to my brother and after that she took my jacket and went inside and locked the door so I couldn’t get in. I just sat in the mud alone trying, but failing to keep warm. I was wet and I was freezing. It got so cold and eventually I couldn’t feel anymore and I just slipped away, slowly and quietly. It felt like no one noticed.

Another Life

My dad was my best friend. My dad died in a earthquake. It was my step mother’s fault, she made him die and she only married him for his money anyway. I hate her. Since my dad left, I’ve become a servant. I do every chore, make sure the house is always perfect. My bedroom is in the attic and I have very little space. I also work at the family’s diner. The people who work at the diner have known me since I was a baby and I grew up with them. They are my family, but I still have to stay with my stepmother and she hates me. I don’t have much to live for.

Sometimes I would daydream about Austin, Austin Ames. He is the football quarterback and I have really liked him, but to him, I’m invisible. We instant message a lot, but he doesn’t know who I am and I’m kind of glad. One time, he asked me to homecoming. I knew it was coming up, but I didn’t have anything to wear or a date. He told me to meet him in the middle of the dance floor at midnight.

The Homecoming theme was Halloween, so everyone was dressed up in a costume. I decided to wear a mask and my friend’s wedding dress. I told her I couldn’t take it, but she insisted and said it needed a night out. It was a beautiful princess-like ballgown. After the dance, everything became okay. I knew I would get through it.



Gone Shadow


I’ve completely gone

a ghost lies where a happy teenage girl used to be

Shadows dance on the walls

Welcoming the newcomer

On the ceiling there is a morning couple

They pretend

They don’t care

Mom and Dad,


They are not my parents

They beat me

They hurt me

They hurt me badly

I am gone because of them

And I am never coming back,


I have gone shadow

I’ve completely gone



An Unknown Masterpiece

My back is a canvas,

A white blank canvas

and a masked creature.

He’s a painter.

He Loves painting.

His belt is a paint brush.

he paints in all red.

My blood

One streak across the canvas and I’m screaming,

screaming loud,

A scream that puts you through

excruciating pain and

I scream for help, but no one can hear me.

I’m alone,


left there to



A Falling Angel

I am falling

I made myself fall

I needed to fall

I was done

I am gone

I am here now

I am still falling and will be falling


I am a falling angel


Water Fight

My back concaves as the spray of the

water hose

hits it.

Pain shoots through my body,

through my limbs.

I am limp,

down on my knees I cry.

I cry so much it is almost like I am


Alone in my room,

no one to see me

no one to judge me.

I hate water fights.

they do terrible things to people.

Some are meant for fun,

but for others,




Overcoming it is

one of the hardest things.

Sitting in a chair,

across from someone you just met.

It is a little uncomfortable, but all at once

Everything comes out,


Your whole life just spills into their hands.

You start to cry.

You just sit there and cry,

memories of the pain overflow your brain.

You can feel the ghosts of the whips still there,

a cold experience.

You’ll never forget this.