Billings Middle School is a dynamic academic community intentionally designed to stretch, support, and inspire early adolescent learners. At Billings, each student develops a rigor of intellect and creativity, powerful ways to communicate and collaborate, confidence and self-knowing, and an openness to the possibilities of new information and systems of thought.


Our students become global citizens inspired to promote a socially just, sustainable world.

Our faculty embody a professional model of collegiality & innovation and contribute to the understanding & development of best practices for early adolescent teaching.

Our school plays an integral role in the life of our students, faculty, families and community so that our network of lifelong learners may share a common point of origin and a growth mindset that propels and sustains them. 


Core Values

Individuality, inclusivity, exploration, intellectual challenge, social justice, integrity, creativity, collaboration, and fun!



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Goals for sustainability must be guided by inquiry into socio-cultural, environmental and economic perspectives; connected with respect for human identities, rights, needs and aspirations; and implemented through just, transparent and inclusive processes for decision-making.
— 2009 UNESCO Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

Social Justice and Global Sustainability 

Billings has a unique opportunity to model a lifelong commitment to promoting global sustainability because our students are beginning to consciously reconcile their emerging self-image with a broader sense of the world and their purpose within it.

We see that the foundations for this work are built from within ourselves, and recognize that we live and operate in a society created and characterized by historical inequities of power.

We believe that the work of seeing, engaging and disentangling institutionalized privilege is an act of social justice, a critical human endeavor, and a society-building skill necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

We therefore strive at Billings to be an educational community characterized by its emphasis on fostering self-understanding, critical thinking and global awareness so as to promote equitable and ethical habits of living in the world.

We commit ourselves to the pursuit of social justice in the establishment and evaluation of school governance, curriculum, disciplinary practices, educational programs, admissions, faculty performance and hiring. 


diversity and equity statement

Billings Middle School is committed to achieving and sustaining a diverse student body, staff, and Board of Trustees, with particular attention given to underrepresented populations; nurturing a community wide culture of radical inclusivity; and fostering a purposeful curriculum emphasizing social justice and equity. We pursue this endeavor with deliberate intent and actions. 

We Define...

Our Diversity to include:

Race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, age, culture, national origin, religious belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, political conviction, and learning differences.

Our Equity as:

Ensuring fair treatment and equal access to education, employment, and opportunity for all members of our community.

Our Underrepresented Populations as:

Those populations that are most underrepresented in independent schools, on college campuses, and in positions of leadership.

Our Radical Inclusivity as:

A stance. It is the commitment to not just tolerating, but to seeking out, inviting, and welcoming the presence of others, especially those who are different from us, and who challenge us. It is the commitment to asserting a welcome to the underrepresented and finding a way to bring them to the center. It is the belief that there is room enough for everyone to join our community, and that our community is better for it. Radical inclusivity is not just offering the seat next to you, but getting up and offering yours while you go find a chair to pull up.

Billings Middle School is committed to nurturing an inclusive culture. We strive to create a transformative educational and professional environment where all members feel welcomed, supported, and valued for their contributions to the community, and are encouraged to confront their personal, academic, and institutional bias and belief systems. Billings fosters a purposeful curriculum emphasizing social justice and equity, and aimed at preparing students for active citizenship in a diverse and interconnected world. We believe that a diverse community contributes not only to students’ social and emotional development, but also to their potential for academic excellence.