Study Skills provides students the opportunity to learn more about the rituals, habits and practices that best support how their brains acquire, retain and recall information.  Students explore the importance of risk taking, perseverance and tenacity and how these attributes help develop greater problem solving skills and creativity.  We will examine specific planning, organizational and time management tools.  We will practice various techniques for preparing for exams and best practices for completing HW consistent with the goal of enhancing long term memory. 

Classroom Content as of 10/27/14

The following have been introduced and practiced thus far...

-Use a planning sheet to organize work load and change your brains wiring.

- Organizational binder basics.  3 ring, class tabs, current work in front of each section.

- Note taking.

- Product based studying for tests: brain dumps, self-tests, flash cards, partner oral quizzing, repetition.

- Why all work should be corrected. ("Fix It")

- Focus v. Diffuse modes of thinking

- How to combat procrastination

- Working memory (short term) v. Long term memory.  How to get info in and out of long term memory.

- Listening skills

- HW v. Studying

- Risk taking and how we learn from mistakes

- The 3 P's of active reading