October 16, 2013

Reviewed the "brain" discussion from Monday. 

Did our first in-class reading.  Discussed the risk-taking that oral reading requires and the supportive environment we need to create to encourage this "risky" activity.  Reviewed my experiences as a dyslexic when I was their age. 

Read small parts from a passage of a book by Rafe Esquith, on the classroom work he did with students utilizing Lawrence Kohlberg's 6 levels of moral development.  Reminded students that the book was written from the frame of reference of a teacher speaking to other teachers and adults about experiences he had in an east LA elementary school.  This means there are parts of his message that need to be filtered so we can get at the interesting work he did with Kohlberg.  Student's did a great job of reading.  We identified the six levels as... 1) Avoiding trouble, 2) Looking for a reward , #) Pleasing  others, 4) Following rules , 5) Being considerate , and 6) Developing a personal code .  We shared examples of many but not all of these stages.  We will continue to explore these six stages in the future.