October 9, 2013

Some students submitted past-due journal entries to be checked. 

We reviewed a confusing math concept on the test students would be finishing later today. 

Discussed study techniques to prepare for vocab test.  Many students were interested in using flash cards.  Specific techniques with flash cards: test both sides, partner quizzing, right v. wrong piles, practice utilizing small dose and high frequency .  Also explored: general importance of study techniques that involve writing (product creation) and speaking, making up test questions and... brain dump .  Brain dumps are hard.  They require you to really self test exactly what you know.  Even when making one don't feel successful ("I couldn't remember much"), the process helps your brain build the bookshelves upon which they will later store the information.

We then explored organizational choices students were making.  After modeling how to share their organizational choices, students had time to do such sharing in small groups.  They then were given time to work at their organization.  Many students used this to sort, recycle or hole punch paper work.  Others updated planners. 

We discussed the power students have to "train" teachers.  "Could you please hole punch your papers before you give them to us?"  "Do you have a hole punch in this room?" 

And finally, students engaged in a lively discussion of how they feel when they ask a teacher to restate/clarify something in class.  By viewing the conversation through a different frame of reference, we explored how a teacher, as a result of being in a 1-on-15 environment, can sometimes be short with a student.  Could the teacher be feeling things similar to the student... fearful, angry, defensive?