October 23, 2013

We reviewed last weeks introduction to Kohlberg's 6 levels of moral development, and in so doing introduced a mnemonic device to aid recall.  Every Player Really Should Play Rugby IClean Clothes.  This silly sentence could be used to help remember... 2 Extrinsic levels: Avoid Trouble (Punishment) and Seek a Reward; 2 Societal levels: Please Others and Follow Rules; and 2 Intrinsic levels: Be Considerate and Follow a Personal Code.  We looked at more common every day mnemonics like ROYGBIV and PEMDAS.  We then looked at other study techniques like simplifying, grouping, color, and repetition could be used to aid memory.

Students were then provided blank maps that they could use to study for their upcoming Washington map tests.  This provided the opportunity to practice the introduced study techniques above. 

We closed the session by emphasizing the importance of when and how long to study.  I borrowed the medical terminology of "Low dose, high frequency".  Study in short bursts, multiple times throughout the day and over the week when you need to memorize something.