October 2 - 2013

After reviewing last weeks lesson on students understanding of "teacher think", we did an exercise exploring how much students know about how teacher's create assignments and how students can come to depend on that teacher provided input, and sometimes actually begin to defend against the "receiving" of that information.  Even though all students are aware that each day a teacher may give them information about the what, where, when, how, why, how long and quality expectations of work, how is it that we develop habits of mind that allow us to be "surprised" or "forgetful" about that work?  We noted that you have to "stand up" and "take charge" of your learning.  Your teacher is your coach and mentor, not simply the authority figure telling you exactly what to do.

We modeled this in real world terms.  Students had to ask questions until they determined the exact nature of the assignment.  They did great. 

HW: complete the following if it is not finished after the 25 minutes of guided work time provided in class.  Read Step 2 in HOW TO BE INTERESTING.  Complete a 10 sentence journal entry where you identify one of the images in the text, copy it down and then explain what it means and how you have applied this in your own life or how you could try applying it in the future.  The key here is to avoid the "literalism" we discussed in the previous class.