October 7 - 2013

We reviewed crossing protocol to the East Village after Monday morning meeting.  6th graders are not be be crossed by 8th graders at this time.  6th graders should all gather in the breeze-way and wait for Greg to cross them as a group.  This is a safety issue, a weather issue (doors are locked until I get there, so no way to stay dry) and a teacher responsibility issue (until I get there 8th grade teachers are starting their own classes and should not have to monitor 6th graders - my job).

We then shared our journal entries.  Not all students wrote all 10 sentences.  We reminded students that they should check-in with Molly when they have updated their journals so that she can mark them off.  I made an analogy to athletics.  If you don't participate in practice, it is hard to improve and participate in the game.  One of the most referred to passages from the Chapter 2 reading, ironically, was about the balance that exists between giving and receiving.  If you don't "give" the effort on HW it is hard to "receive" the benefit of the learning.  Several students shared beautiful responses to the chapter, making insightful connections to their own lives.  

We brainstormed strategies for preparing for tomorrow's math test.  Strategies brought up included: doing HW, correcting HW, redoing HW, doing extra practice problems, making up practice problems, making vocab flash cards, taking notes that you can use on the test (vocab, example problems), algorithm instructions for multi-digit multiplication and long division.  The emphasis should always be on techniques that produce writing and/or involve speaking.  Discussed the vagueness of words like "review", "look over" and "study". 

Next session we will have some group time dedicated to trying to clean up/organize binders as well as review best study practices for their LA vocab test on Thursday.