September 11 - 2013

JOURNAL QUESTION: Explain, discuss or ask questions about any math algorithm introduced over the last week.  This journal question was used to introduce the study concept of a brain dump .  How do you know when you know something?  Take out a blank piece of paper and try to write notes/ideas/examples of your understanding.  Focus on key vocabulary.  Write out questions about missing information.  A brain dump is a great way to define more clearly what you don't know (and thus help you focus on where you need to study), as well as give you confidence about what you do know.  We noted the power of acronyms like DMSCB when trying to remember the steps in a long division problem.  Several students came up with fun alternatives to Does McDonalds Sell Cheese Burgers.  We then studied for Linda's vocab test emphasizing the importance of writing, talking and making relationships.