September 16 - 2013

Discussed new procedure when leaving Monday morning meetings and heading over to East Village as a class.  Students should bring their back packs to Monday morning meeting so we can immediately proceed to the breeze way and then cross all at once.

We checked in on planner choice progress.  About half the class felt they had chosen a method they liked.  The other half felt they were still exploring. 

We took notes on note taking emphasizing the following... Note taking is HARD.   Note taking feels like it requires the ability to multi-task.  We utilize five different "channels" in our brain: writing, listening, watching, thinking, and speaking.  Students often learn to avoid note-taking because they experience the "shut-down" effect of their ears turning off while they are trying to think and write.  We discussed the idea that this is evidence of "shifting gears" between channels, not simultaneously using multiple channels.  What can we do about this?  Practice, practice, practice.  Note taking is hard.  It requires consistent effort and practice to develop your brain's ability to shift quickly between these channels and avoid the prolonged shut downs.  Difficulty should equate to practice not avoidance.  Greg delivered most of this information while juggling three whiffle balls....