September 25 - 2013

Started with a journal entry reviewing Tom's cultural frames of reference  exercise from the Monday meeting and how teachers and students each bring different frames of reference to their school experience.  I also used the journal writing activity as a risk taking  activity to model the importance of "going for it" in school, even when you are not sure if you are doing it correctly.

We then discussed the kinds of information that students need to collect in order to successfully complete requested work by teachers.  Students brainstormed solid investigative questions that focus on the 5 W's and H .  When is it due?  How long is it?  What are the quality expectations?  Who is the audience?  What resources will I need?  When will we get to work on it?  How will we complete it?  Why are you asking me to do this?  I suggested that it is time to start owning these questions as a learner and not wait passively for teachers to provide this information in all circumstances.

We then passed out our new "text book" for students to explore.  Next Monday we will do an in-class journal write on their favorite aspect of the "First Step" outlined in the text.