October 22, 2013

Today students were challenged to reflect on their relationship to HW looking through the lens of Kohlberg's 6 stages of moral development.  The 6 stages (initially introduced last year) are... 1) Avoid Trouble, 2)  Seek a Reward , 3) Please Others, 4) Follow the Rules, 5) Be Considerate, 6) Follow a Personal Code.  #'s 1-4 have fairly obvious HW connections.  For #5 I suggested that one way to view HW was as a reasonable request on the part of another, not unlike asking someone if they could "Please close the door", or "Please pass the salt".  If we ignored those requests or complained about them, we would probably look at the response as "being rude".  For #6 I suggested that a student might have to be able to put HW in the larger context of learning as a whole.  Try to see the request for work, not just as a polite request, but as a thoughtfully considered practice opportunity designed by an adult to provide powerful skills and impart powerful knowledge over time (even though you may not see the end-game at the moment).

We completed last weeks 10 sentence journal entries, and will discuss them further next class.