October 29, 2013

Students had the opportunity to share their Step 2 journal entries today.  I then showed them a writing tool that is sometimes useful to help overcome writers block, as well as develop more detailed responses.  They were coached through a 3 minute drill.  During minute 1 you record as many nouns as you can related in any way to the subject at hand.  To model this I chose the topic, "things you see in a mall".  During the 2nd minute you record as many verbs (actions) as you can think of for as many of the nouns you recorded previously.  During the 3rd minute you record as many adjectives and/or adverbs (describing the noun or the verb) for the previously listed nouns and verbs.  I then showed them an optional 4th, 5th and 6th minute where you try to establish groups for all of your entries.  Each of these minutes you try to establish a completely new grouping for your lists.  This little drill has a way of freeing mental road blocks and helping you think in categorical ways that are often useful in school writing assignments.  This exercise also does a great job of reinforcing that the most important aspect of "parts of speech" is the relationship that exists between those parts of speech.  For example, I described a noun and a verb as a "doer" and the "do".