September 24 - 2013

Following up on last weeks discussion of student awareness of the information teachers deliver when discussing class assignments I greeted students with this words, "Don't forgot to finish your work."  I then waited in the uncomfortable silence that followed.  Eventually a student piped up, "What work?"  With that as our starting point, I asked students to work in groups to determine what they needed to ask me in order to successfully complete their work.  Answering only the questions I was asked, students were able to fully discern the assignment.  My favorite moment, was when a student requested that I write the summary of the assignment on the board.  "Yes, you need to advocate for yourselves, and ask for what you need in order to be successful!"

We reviewed annotating  from last year.  Catherine will be utilizing the skill in American Studies today and tomorrow.  Students accurately described the process as adding your understanding or questions to previously written text (which could be your own notes).

We also reviewed test preparation strategies for tomorrow's Washington State history quiz.  Create a product .  Fill in a blank version of the worksheet without looking.  Use your key to correct it and try again.  Repetition.   Make flashcards .  Quiz each other.  Complete a brain dump (self-test) .

I then passed out our "text book" for the year.  The "work" mentioned earlier was to read "Step 1" and then write one 3 sentence (or longer) paragraph on each of the following questions... 

1) What was your favorite idea from "Step 1" and... 

2) Describe an idea from "Step 1" that you found challenging/confusing/hard to understand.