Taj M.

Protest Poems

Pound Seizure

Unwanted cats, dogs, birds

Have met their expiration,

Their voices can’t be heard

Time for an operation.



How can you sleep at night

as the animals kick and bite,

struggling to escape

their predetermined fate?


Wake up

wake up

wake up

they whisper

to a monkey

and his mother

sleeping in the light

wake up

wake up

I cling to my mother

in a place that is not safe

a man reaches for me

I scream for her to wake

wake up

wake up

she wakes

to see me torn from her

she reaches out to me

wake up

wake up



Picked up from the street

She was sent to outer space

She burned in the heat

To save the human race.


The Cooler

they never stopped to check

if I was still alive.

They me put in the cooler

and that is where I died.

Scratching on the door

until my paws ran red

before I laid beside my mother

wishing I was dead.



only are let out

of their cold harsh confinement

to be used as materials

for your latest assignment.



strangers gather in the street

to speak for those whose voices

have been muffled at the hands

of our neighbors