Billings has challenged Amelia academically, widened her global thinking, and stretched her artistically. It’s even sparked an interest in sports! She has built a community of classmates, teachers and advisers to prepare her for the next steps in her journey. In short, Billings has made our transition to the Pacific Northwest better in ways we could not foresee.

-Glenn H., Alumni Parent (Amelia, 2017)


Billings students get to expand our expectations of ourselves on lots of outdoor adventures. Through this I have changed as well. I no longer dislike the outdoors in general, but I am also far more comfortable with camping, backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and trekking. Wow, that's a lot in just 2.5 years! I have learned that while I often complain, I can actually have a good time doing something when I try and if I set my expectations of myself accordingly. My teachers and advisors were so supportive of me and were awesome in helping me make learning and outdoor education fun. 
-Isaac L.L. (Class of 2017)

Risk, courage, collaboration, mastery, creativity, fun, and growth. These are the words I use to describe my time at Billings. That’s what I will take with me into high school and into life. That’s what makes Billings special. These words are what I believe define all the teachers in the Billings Community. Not only are they here to teach us, but they make themselves and their students better people with every day that passes.

 - Anasophia S. (Class of 2013). 


Harper has found her place. She has found friends and looks forward to going to school every day. Her confidence in herself shows in and out of the classroom.
 -Lori W., Parent (Harper 2019)

holding hands.jpg

By the time I was in 8th grade, I felt like I had a whole family here. I would come to school every day and I just felt really supported by my peers. And I think that is something that is really rare in middle school.
— Maya G. (Class of 2009)

"The most important take-aways? Well, I'm in college and I'm still applying what I learned at Billings.  I learned to know myself as a learner, to work with teachers, and to advocate for myself. I learned what it means to be known, and sometimes people go through life without understanding that.  I learned how to work in any kind of group with all kinds of people--when I got to high school I found kids who had already been at school for 4 years and they knew one way to learn, one system, and they always partnered with the same people.  At Billings I learned how to work with everyone and to understand others' strengths. And I learned that school can be fun and learning can be fun.  What a gift, right?" 

- Ryan G. (Class of 2010)


"I am glad that we chose a middle school for our son.  He changed so much over those three years. The school we would have chosen when he was entering 6th grade would not have worked for the person he became.  His growth was for greater than I could have predicted."

- Patti P. , Alumni Parent (Colin, 2008)

Billings distinguished itself through the admissions process. My younger son was going through treatment for a brain tumor and it was an extremely stressful time for our family. We were just welcomed at Billings in such a huge way.
— Lisa P., Alumni Parent (Rory, 2013)

"We're in tent, sleeping in a tent together for a week straight.  We had to cook together, cross slippery rocks together...To go through that and work with different people, some who are not necessarily your friends and who are very different from you is really hard. I'm going to use that for the rest of my life, honestly." - Nicole W. (Class of 2011)

Billings is amazing in all of the activities they offer, whether it’s hiking on the Olympic coast, or even just their sports and clubs.
— Erinn M., Alumni Parent (Cooper, 2012)

"They really spend time with every single kid. Each child has his or her education catered to his or her needs."

- Jenica T., Alumni Parent ( Justice, 2014)

"We value the experiential and expeditionary experiences that get the students up from their desks and outside, learning their place in the world. We appreciate how Mason is being nourished academically and socially while going through the inevitable turbulence of adolescence."
-Vivian and Jim S., Alumni Parents (Mason, 2017)

"Anna came to Billings an incredibly quiet student.  In elementary school, she rarely spoke up in the classroom. Many of you saw that underneath that quiet outside, there was strength and the potential for her voice to be heard and for her to lead.  Over the past three years, you have worked to draw her out.  The outdoor trips provided extra space for this to happen.  After every trip she went on, she came back not only happy but alsmo more confident and sure of herself.  I remember Seth and I looked at her after she got back from the coast trip last year and said, "whoa--she seems older!" 

-Erin G., Alumni Parent (Anna, 2015)

When students remember that learning is not only fun, but unending, inexhaustible, and full of miracles, I find myself deeply satisfied with teaching. I want students to love learning, and to see every moment as a chance to learn something new and powerful.
— Maya Jacobs, Faculty and Alumni (Class of 2003)

"I am passionate about helping students find their inner voice, challenge their critical wavelengths, and build their collaborative muscles." - Heidi-Marie Wiggins, Language Arts Faculty