Task Force on Measures & Outcomes


TF CHARGE: To work on answers related to the essential question, to investigate and establish effective measures and outcomes that communicate the value of a Billings education.

Essential Question: How might we demonstrate evidence of effective learning and investigate the outcomes of a Billings education?

Put another way: How do we know we are successful, and how do we measure that success?How does Billings’ approach to pedagogy lead to desired outcomes?

External: Part of Strategic Enrollment initiative, so this becomes information for marketing the school to prospective families, also for stakeholders, funders, supporters, etc.

Internal: current families, common understanding for faculty and leadership—a basis for decision making, strategic planning, etc.







Task Force Membership
Michael Martin, Chair
Monnix Jelinek
Peg Marckworth
Karen Hirsch
Nina Crocker
Christina Chang

Katie Lawson
Ted Kalmus